BB Manager Won't Play Beats "Play" is greyed out.

Hi all,
I just purchased my BB. I LOVE IT! The only problem is the BB manager software. I am running windows 10, BB firmware is 1.9.2 and BB Manager is 1.64. The BB manager will not play any of the beats, at all. PLAY is greyed out. I have uninstalled and reinstalled BB Manager several times. I have a project open when I try this to.
Has anyone experienced this before or did I miss someone’s thread?

That sounds like a very unusual problem. Are you highlighting the song before pressing Play?

I just got done uninstalling and reinstalling all over again. Still greyed out

I don’t know if this matters but it was all working fine until I downloaded AC\DC drum beats from BB site.

Can you provide a screen shot of your BeatBuddy Manager, please? Hi-lite the song that you’re trying to play. Here’s what mine looks like.

Also, since you’ve reinstalled, have you used the BBM Tools > Set Workspace Location?

Thank you for response! It appears I was doing some stuff the wrong way Duh! I had the boxes under drum sets unchecked. When I checked them all it worked fine. Thanks to a very helpful individual at singular sound I got it working!

Glad Support helped you sort it out.