bb manager

Hi New to BB so forgive me if this has already been posted. I can’t install BB Manager win 7. Access denide although I am the admin account. Any ideas please?

Oh Well looks like it’s a return to the store for a refund. Too many bugs to muck a bout with. No time for product testing. Back to the Trio plus that works.

I have emailed support any chance of a fix?

Yes. Ask Support to help you with a remote session.

Is support in the US?


Well I thought I would give the BB the benefit of the doubt and keep trying to get BB manager to install. Phone and remote support was arranged but didn’t happen, I didn’t get the two arranged calls. Anyway I managed to install BB manager on another laptop, great thought I was getting somewhere. Well it installed but doesn’t run, no messages just…nothing. More fool me.

Oh as a note if I come across as sounding a bit p****d off about this its because I am and I apologise but I thought this pedal was going to be great but its turned into a total let down. The BB manager needs a developer to work on this. I understand its a fairly new product but field testing seems to be somewhat extreme for this.

Hi, pzaz. Support @BeatBuddy Support does a good job of keeping up with scheduled remote sessions so if you weren’t able to conduct the session, give them another chance. I’m sure they were diverted.

I am still waiting on your phone number. I requested it twice. Please send it to me, and I will give you a call today.

You do have but here it is 07967422532 19:30 hours BST best time for me.

Due to sheer frustration with my windows laptop I decided to get my Mac mini on the case. Everything works now regarding beat buddy manager so it’s saved the day.
Downloaded a couple of new kits and it all sounds great just what I wanted it to do.
I am happy.