BB manager

I just need to confirm that everytime I open the Manager, it will be empty, Until I load the backup project? I was thinking it would be there and I only needed the backup in case my card went bad or I had to get a new blank one to load everything on. Just a littler confused. I look at the video, but there was no mention of reloading the project everytime, just the first time. I have to reload everytime.

When it first opens it appears empty but then automatically loads the project. It sounds like you haven’t set your workspace location in the BBM yet. You do so from the BBM menu Tools > Set Workspace Location. Navigate to your user/documents/bbworkspace; here’s a screen shot of where it might be located on a Mac (similar principle on a PC though)

I’m using windows 7 I’ll try it again , Thanks, Don

Should work in Win 7. Let us know how it turns out.

I still get the You have to create a project page, but now it starts parsing on it’s own and takes about 20 seconds to load. But I guess that solved my problem. I don’t have to manaually load the project again. Thanks.
One more thing, I’m new here and was wondering if the songs shared here can be found in catagories, like if I just wanted to look thru country songs, or folk songs. Without having to search thru everything?

Really having a great time with the pedal I’m using an acoustic guitar with a GR-55 synth or a Strat with a Ghost 13 pin systhem and a TC helicon Voicelive 3 . Damn near a whole band sound. With a little polish, I’ll be ready for Dollywood. LOL…

Sounds about the right amount of time for Win 7 to load your project.

You probably mean something like here

The Strat with Ghost 13-pin synth sounds interesting. Before you hit it big at Dollywood, post a video or recording of some of your music with the BeatBuddy.

I’ll work on that. Not very computer savy… But so far, it’s been fun. Thanks for your help. D

I have the shared songs from the forum roughly broken into folders. They are .pbf files. To use it, you will use the Import>Folder command. Here is a link to my country folder.

Thanks, D
is there a beat the would sorta take the place of a mandolin chop. Like in Bluegrass when the mando is chopping rythum. I play some bluegrass instrumentals that are wicked fast. Drums don’t seem to fit, or not the beats I’m finding. Normally, drums are not included in Grass music but I’ve heard Emmylou Harris use them. More like brushes on a high hat and a snare. maybe a kick towards the end but not much. Hope this makes sense…D

Try the attached with the NP Bosendorfer Jazz Trio Centered kit.