BB MGR and Firmware

can anybody tell me whe the next update of bbmgr and firmware is available?
Its a long time ago!


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Not sure their priorities are focused on delivering updated software and firmware for the BB. I’ve gone from cautiously optimistic to pessimistically negative on getting anything useable any time soon.


that does not sound good. I think if you do not constantly improve the handling and ease of use then the product will eventually trumped by a better competing product. It’s called something innovation! If I look at the last firmware update then I wonder who needs such a feature as for example sobriety? This effort would be better in a feature such as sending a midi signal from the beatbuddy for example to start a looper or many other things more. The Beatbuddy manager is also in need of improvement. how about, for example, if you can summarize drumsets in folders or sort drumsets to sort aplphabeticly?
Singular sound is currently standing still and that’s not good!

Do you know a email adress to send my criticysm?

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I would suggest you contact him via a separate private message. DavidPackouz.

I wrote david but have not received a reply yet!

He’s probably pretty busy. I’ve tried as well but have not heard from him yet. Please let me know if he has any exciting news.

Yeah, we’re swamped over here. However, I’ll put my .02 in.

We’ve spent more money on developing the BeatBuddy Manager Software than developing the BeatBuddy at this point. Obviously, mistakes were made that resulted in the long wait for an update and the large cost to us.

Ultimately, we’re still looking to implement fixes and updates for the manager. I personally have my dev, Irving, working on aspects of the BBMgr to fix what bugs and such that he can, starting with the new song matching tool which we just launched:

I’ll be laying off the website changes for the next few weeks so he can focus more on the Software vs web development for you guys.

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That sounds very good!
Thank you

Yes! It’s been a very long time. BB Manager desperately needs some improvements. It been 2.5 years. :slightly_frowning_face:

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I’ve just seen this post, don’t know why. SO what exactly is this supposed to do? It’s just a chart. Does it have functionality AND will it have the thousands of songs that the users have created?


So this was a really early prototype - the version that is coming will have a lot more functionality, but Irving has told me not to talk about it - rest assured you’ll be one of the first to know about it when it’s ready. :slight_smile:

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thx for information!

I’m sorry that BeatBuddy is struggling.
The machine and concept are great but…
If you want to stay current and not get beat by your competitors you will need to stay relevant.
Updated software to support the machine including apps for your phone and tablet are gonna be what keeps you on top.
Just my .2 cents.


i agree!!!

Maybe Irving needs some help?
2 plus years for an update?
Not a happy customer!

Irving was just recently put on the job, we switched who was handling it recently with the plan to get new updates out sooner than before.