BB MIDI Master -> Delay Slave -> Looper Slave = Start/Stop not getting through

New BB owner here. I am trying to setup a Beat Buddy as a MIDI Master driving a Pigtronix Echolution 2 Deluxe Delay and Infinity Looper as Slaves. I have the latest firmware for all 3.

I can get the Beat Buddy to MIDI Start/Stop the Infinity if I hook it up directly, but when I have the Beat Buddy going into the Echolution then into the Infinity, the Infinity is not Start/Stopping. It seems that both Pigtronix pedals are receiving the incoming MIDI clock sent from the Beat Buddy, but when all 3 are hooked up in series this way, the Start/Stop message is not triggering the Infinity downstream to Start/Stop. Is there a workaround for this? Or will I have to get some sort of MIDI splitter box to feed the 2 Slave pedals in parallel? Thanks in advance!

Well it seems that the problem has been solved by re-installing the firmware on the Echolution pedal! So nothing Beat Buddy related…mods - sorry about the lame first post! You can delete the thread!

from the Echolution2 manual:

MIDI IN provides instant preset change, Tap Tempo and LFO synchronization with an external source as well as remote control over every function of the Echolution 2.
MIDI OUT allows for tap tempo control over the Pigtronix Infinity Looper and other MIDI capable devices.

so it seems that it only sends the tempo sync out and nothing else
You need something that has midi thru like my TC Nova system has and the start/stop works fine

something like a MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru Processor (zzsounds) would solve that! :slight_smile: