BB Midi Mgr Editing Bug that changes note durations

When using the BB Manager midi editor, a minor change in something like a bass or organ note results in the entire file being changed so that all notes now are held the full length of the song. Though not a problem for drum files, it is a big problem for files that contain instruments. This is a consistent bug. My work-around is to simply not use the BB Midi editing manger when bass or organ files are involved. That’s a pain, though. Can you fix this?

Attached is a screen shot of the pre-editing midi file and the same file after using the BB Midi Editor. The only thing I did in the Midi Editor was to delete one tiny note located at C-2 or note 0 in measure 3, beat 1.269. Notice that every note in the post-editing file is now sustained to measure 9.1.000, the full length of the song! It doesn’t sound very good when using the BB Pedal - ughhh!

Post-edit file
Pre_edit file