BB: Midi Out Tempo?

I saw that the BB can receive tempo changes by NRPN, but I did not see that it sends Tempo to MIDI OUT ? It could be thru a SYSEX like the time signature… Or also thru a NRPN…

It would be useful for an external sequencer/device.


Devs say that NRPN is possible, what kind of format were you expecting for the NRPN?

Would it be something that should only be sent once, like only being sent when a song is opened?

Hi Brennan,

thanks for your answer.

It would be great to send the tempo as soon as the tempo changes on the BB (either when loading a new song, or if user is moving the Tempo knob).

For the format of the message, I’m a little bit confused, because I noticed (and confirmed by testing) that the BB receives Tempo changes with 2 reserved CC : CC 106 tempo_msb + CC 107 tempo_lsb.

The manual speaks about NRPN, but I do not understand where they are used, since CC106 and CC107 seems to be enough.
As far as I understand, there is no real NRPN here (no use of CC 99 and CC 98 to define a dedicated NRPN number, and then CC 6 and CC 38 for MSB and LSB data entry…)
But I suppose it’s OK, since CC 102-119 do not seem to be reserved in the MIDI norm…

So maybe it could be possible to use the same format ? With CC 106 and 107 in the order MSB then LSB ?

And please, tell the devs that it would also be wonderful if the BB could emit a CC102 + PartNumber (1-32) at every start of a new measure,
even if the part is not changing : it would serve as a beat indicator (that would add informations that the simple MIDI clock does not give).
To be very precise, you could even send CC102 + 0 at the beginning of the intro, and CC102 + 126 at the beginning of the outro,
and CC102 + 127 at the end of the outro. And this should also be emited when you unpause the BB.

Anyway, you must be busy, so do what you can, and thanks to all the team for this nice and fun tool ! :wink: