BB MIDI vs. GM vs. MT Power Drum Kit 2

Do BB MIDIs map perfectly in MT Power Drum Kit 2? If not, what are the discrepancies?

Also, how do BB MIDIs differ from GM? If I could easily remap between BB and GM, that would open up a world of possibilities.

i use the mt power drum kit

there are two kicks 35 and 36, and most kits only use 36
there are two snares 38 and 40 and most kids only use 38

those are the main differences, but unless you are using one of my kits, dont use: 40, 41, 47, 52, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59 and others.

Thank you!

So, in other words, I should be able to use any GM drum track in BB provided that I transpose all 35 notes to 36, and all 40 notes to 38? If my understanding is correct, this should work subject, perhaps, to any special percussive notes in the GM file that are not used in the BB kits?

That is correct!

Alternately, if you get a usb - to - midi interface (and the beatbuddy midi cable), you can connect to the beatbuddy’s midi in, and have Reaper’s midi drive the beatbuddy directly!