BB Mini 2 mono output to a steteo amp

How can i hook this up to home stereo system?
Can i use or buy a split cable that has a single 1/4" TS jack that splits out to two rca jacks?
Or should it have a trs jack

What kind of aux input jack does your stereo have?
1/4 inch rca for instance? So two 1/4 inch rca to 1/4 T/S guitar type plug.
That would be pretty straightforward.

It might need a stereo (T/R/S) to two 1/4 inch T/S plugs.

Iā€™d be careful with your levels. Start with your BB and stereo system volume turned off and then bring them up gently.

Good Luck.

i ended up using two powered monitors and two large speakers.
Sounds great
Anchor AN1000x

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