BB Mini + DigiTech FS3X Footswitch

Hi, I use the BB Mini with a DigiTech FS3X Footswitch. The first two switches work as expected, but the 3rd switch behaves strange. If you hold it continiously down it fires some kind of doublebass sound. Usually it should do an accent + pause/start. But this is only possible if the switch is pressed very fast and then it also doesn’t work always.

Is this a normal behavior for the Mini with this footswitch?

According to the QuickStart Guide, only the two-button foot switch is compatible.

The mini is not compatible with 3-switch footswitches

Does the original BB Pedal support a 3 switch?

If not, what is the explanation why a 3 or more switch is not/cannot be supported?

I too have the Digitech switch and a TC-Helicon 3 and 6 switch and noticed with the original BB, some intermittent results when using a 3 switch. If it supports it, it means I have not taken the time to dive into the settings and configure it. That said, going off on tangent here…

Among the multiple devices I own, I own the TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3 and Extreme which support 3 & 6 button switches - very handy. Over the years I wonder why other manufactures don’t expand their switch support? Especially since it could be an easier plug n play path then the only remaining option, MIDI. Is it because MIDI is the adopted standard and it comes down to R&D to just go with MIDI?

To be clear with a play on words, I’m not singling singular out on this, but I do share the original posters experience and know it happens with other products out there.

Love to get some thoughts on this, for the sake of conversation. Thanks

I know that it officially supports only a 2 button switch. But people were telling that with a 3rd button switch it would start/stop with a crush. That’s why I am wondering about the different behavior…

It is not built for a 3 button switch, devices are specced a certain way and cannot always be bent to one’s will

I’m sorry if you were looking for a more exciting answer, but it’s pretty simple, it is not meant to work so behavior when using one cannot be expected to be predictable.

Footswitches are analog devices that send electrical signals, if there are more buttons then the signal is being partitioned or sent in a different way for the receiving device to react accordingly.

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