BB Mini

… I’ve been using Alesis SR16 for about ten years in a live situation it finally shite itself so thought I’d give the BB Mini a go with, all going well, an upgrade to big brother later on. There’s not much going on in way of BB mini input from you BB guys you talked me into buying it how about giving me some pointers, direction to some user lists would be nice. I miss the kit selection I had on the SR16 and I know BB bigguy has it so that’s another reason I’ll be upgrading. I have the foot switch as well and am familiarizing myself with the song selection process I had to do it on the SR16 and got that down pat is there any tips for speeding this song selection up with the BB Mini. I’m guessing its just a matter of practice on the Mini one more question if I want to organise the songs into a set list with BB Bigboy are these then transferred to the SD card get on stage and stomp away … Regards Hally

If you want to create customized setlists for the BeatBuddy (not the Mini) you will need the BeatBuddy Manager software:

Here’s the tutorial:

For the Mini you have the right knob that can select genre, song, and set tempo. To switch between the three, just press it down.

“For the Mini you have the right knob that can select genre, song, and set tempo. To switch between the three, just press it down” … sorry but the tap tempo is useless you may as well not have it on the mini … you have to manually bend over and set tempo by turning the knob on the mini …

Hold down the right switch on the footswitch with your foot until it gets to ‘tempo’. Then you can set the tempo via tap tempo. No need to turn the knob.

that’s what I’m doing but it don’t work tap it to slow and it goes to next setting tap it too fast and you get 200 beats per minute

Keep in mind with the mini you can’t add to it or modify the content in any way.

Jeffrey, I’ve been able to change all settings and tempos hands-free on the mini. However, l do get stuck in a tempo mode on the footswitch, and have to switch back with an extended depress on the beatbuddy mini footswitch to change the mode back to genre or sub-genre settings.

I almost bought the mini, but decided for live use it’s too finicky and not enough editing. With the big guy you can wirelessly midi song changes to an iPad so simply select any song and the beat changes with it. Enough to think about at a gig without trying to change patches and set tempo every time.
Definitely consider spending the extra if you play out at all really :))

I agree, the mini is way too cumbersome for quick tempo and pattern changes between songs. Not a big deal until you overshoot the pattern, but to my knowledge there is not a back button on the foot-pedal. If you overshoot, you have to bend down and dial back on the rotary switch. I got a 6’ TRS Cable in the hopes of making things easier, and discovered that I still need to bend down and pick it up, make the changes, and bend down to set it back down to do any kind of fills and do the double tap at the end of the song. Definitely looking to upgrade in the next six months or so to the big brother to use the set list option.

2 things that make a mini, a mini…

  1. No SD slots no HD to store Midi files
  2. Trying to switch genres, songs and tempo with your foot during a performance, quite frankly sucks. I usually have it on a idiophone table where I can reach over with my hand in mid rythem (while the other hands still bangs out a beat) and hit the button or turn the knob.