BB newbie looking for using BB for jazzy Christmas gig

Hi - I play jazz guitar (amateur level) and I jam with sax player and bassist. We are putting a short Christmas gig with vocalist - 10 songs or so - few traditional and some Christmas jazz songs. We can get by just fine without drummer but it would be nice to have drums on 3-4 tunes just to break monotony.

We are not looking for anything advanced - gigs are in retirement community so just basic versions of songs so people can easily sing along. Say 4 bar intro, verse, maybe interlude, 4 bar outro. 4 or 5 choruses with 1 chorus for solo.

The arrangement will have more of jazz combo vibe than say church vibe - low key, melodic swing with maybe some Frisell “jazz Americana” tinge.

So basically my thinking is to audit some existing grooves - maybe concentrate on low key percussion ones - and pick few elements to build my own songs - intro, outro, vers1, verse2 and fills.

Is that how people generally approach BB?
I would be grateful for any pointers.

Welcome to the forum. Here’s some of the Christmas songs I’ve posted to the forum.

They’re in one-press format and they may or not appeal to your needs:; some of these songs are in one-press formats for drums, drums and bass, and drums, bass and other instruments.

You can download the songs list file to get an idea of what is included in my post. In most cases, you’ll need to download user-created drum sets, and then using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) to import and then activate these kits.

Thanks for the reply. In our particular case we roll our own arrangements - one of the perks of not doing it for living :wink: Eg. doing God Rest Ye with Kuk Uruz worldbeat. So basically drums is all that I need. But it would be interesting to get kits with bass - for doing solo stuff at open mics - I can do bass line with octave pedal and loop it but that locks you in. I just started watch all the BB/BBM tutorials. Would be interesting to try exporting bass line MIDI from BIAB to use in BB.

Many users do prefer to roll their own and what’s nice about the BeatBuddy (BB) is the flexibility afforded owners.

FYI, almost all of the songs in this Xmas compilation include one-press drums only songs. If you’re interested, they are the songs with v1 in the song name e.g., Last Christmas v1

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