BB no time signature sent to MIDI OUT while playing?


the BB manual says (page 37) that the time signature SYSEX is sent every 3 seconds when BB is stopped, or when loading a song, but also on the 1 of every measure while playing.

When stopped, I see the sysex correctly,
BUT when playing, I do not receive any SYSEX… (checked with MIDIOX and other sequencers)

These “playing” SYSEX are very important because they could inform about a time signature change during playing (from one part to another).

This is not currently possible

I don’t think it’s hard to turn on, but like I stated above the reason stated is not currently a supported use for the BeatBuddy, songs must be one time signature.

In light of this, we will not be changing the behavior for now, thanks for the request!

oh, ok. This limitation is not obvious, and infact, it seems that the BB accepts one time signature per Part. I have several songs that include this, and it works.

Hey there, my bad yes you are right, wires crossed, Aeros doesn’t support multiple time signatures in one song but BB does. This is why we have likely not explored this yet, do you have another device that is responding to BB time signature?

Infact yes : as a singer and sax player, I’m not so keen about foot pedals, and BB pedal/buttons are a little too strong for my old fingers. But I love the BB concept, so I’m developping for my needs a full controller interface on a portable PC connected by MIDI, extending the possibilities of the BB.

That’s why I need some returns from the BB… And the time signature is very useful when you want to compute the current measure/beat, as BB is only sending MIDI clocks every 1/24 beat… So if signature is changing during the song, I’m stucked… :wink:

Infact it would be great that the BB send a simple CC (103?) at every start of a measure (with the signature inside). It could even send a CC102 at the same moment. Even if the part is not changing. It would be very valuable information for an external controller. See here :

Here is what my program looks like now, and it works pretty well, connected to a very old Mini-ASUS (that belonged to my wife, hence the color… :wink: ) , with the whole keyboard available for shortcuts :slight_smile: