BB not advancing next part in Aeros in 6x6 mode?

Hi, I’ve updated firmware in both the Aeros and Beat Buddy. I have the BB Midi output connected to the Aeros Midi input. If you select next part on BB, should it not advance to next part in the Aeros? This works for me in 2x2, but not 6x6. Is this a bug or how this system is intended to operate?

Actually it is intended to work like that. In 6x6 you have to select the desired next part by pressing the left footswitch “select part”. It will react correctly now, when you trigger the transition on BB.


Yes, that is correct, 6x6 does not auto switch on parts, this is so that user can switch to any part in any order, we have had requests to allow an auto next part like in 2x2 upon receiving the CC102 command from the BB, but that is not currently high priority.

Yes, thanks. Looking back, this does seem intuitive and not sure why I didn’t figure that out by trial and error. Oh well, hope this helps other newbs.

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Sure wish it was a high priority

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