BB Not Recognizing Tempo Change in Imported MIDI File

For a while now I’ve been creating MIDI drum tracks in REAPER and loading them into BeatBuddy, and ut works just fine… if the song is all at the same tempo. Just created a drum track using a “tempo envelope” so the song slows down in the last few measures. Exported to a MIDI file making sure to check the “Embed project tempo changes” box. When I re-load the exported MIDI back into REAPER, the tempo change is still there.

But, when I load the MIDI file in BB Manager, the drum “song” plays fine, but the tempo change doesn’t happen. The song ends at the same tempo as the rest of the song. Does BB not recognize tempo changes, or is there a setting that needs to be changed somewhere?

BB does not respond to midi tempo changes. You can use midi time stretching to create a pseudo tempo change, but the BB visual metronome will continue to play at the preset tempo. I have posted tutorials on this, but sadly, the attachments to those tutorials were lost when Singular botched the move of the old Forum to this server. I’ll see if I have copies in pdf form, if you are interested.

Thanks, Phil. Tutorial files would be great, but otherwise, what’s the concept behind MIDI time stretching? I assume it’s not the same as the tempo envelope I’d used.

I tried “s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g” the notes across from say 2 measures to 4 measures, which would be just spacing the notes out twice as far, but I’m looking for a gradual, not abrupt, tempo change, from about 83BPM to 55 and that’s really hard to do by manually moving notes.

The only way you’ll get this to work is by sending midi tempo messages from an external source to the BB :frowning: eg, an iOS device with an app that can do this, I think Setlist helper or similar may do it?? Or, really, any decent MIDI app that can transmit is ok too.

So what I do, is to do it in steps, and that’s what the ritardando tutorial shows.

Work through the tempo change tutorial first, then do the ritardando tutorial.

Tempo change tutorial.pdf (535.7 KB)

ritardando tut.pdf (541.1 KB)

If you’re going from 83 to 55, across two measures, you are reducing 28 BPM. It you do 4 steps of 7 BPM per step, it will sound like a gradual change.

Thanks for the tutorials. I’d since looked up “MIDI time stretching” and found this video helpful…

This method seems less complicated, but not as precise as the tutorials…
In REAPER, I split the last few MIDI measures in two. Then, clicking the split’s edge and holding the “Option” key, stretched each split section, each successive section a little longer. Took a few tries but it sounds reasonable, and the song ending now slows down when played in BB Manager!

Glad you found a system that worked for you. :grinning: