BB, Onsong, Quantilooper, more on ONE iPad?

Anyone running all 3 on one iPad? I have Onsong and BB on an iPad Air and it works great. I want to add a midi sync looper and am leaning toward QL rather than hardware but adding a 2nd iPad is expensive plus takes “in your face” mic stand real estate.

Right now my setup is
iPad > puc > irig BlueBoard > BB
Boss RC-30 (not satisfied with it)
AirTurn BT105
TC Helicon VoiceLive Play (would like to replace with a software solution as well).

I’m intrigued by the idea of moving from hardware to software solutions but not sure how much you can add to one iPad.

Anyone else moving in that direction?
Pros? Cons?

Your setup?



I am running two iPads connected through the Connectivity IconnectAudio4+
On one iPad I have Onsong and MidiDesigner Pro program
On the second I pad I have Quantiloop which has IK Multimedia Amplitude and Amplitude acoustic running as well as inter audio apps.
I have a guitar connected to the IconnectAudio4+ which goes to the Quantiloop and output of Quantiloop goes out to the Audio outs of the Audio interface which is then connected to the Beat Buddy and the output of the Beat buddy goes directly to the mixer or PA.

Beat buddy is connected to the Connect audio4 midi DIN plugs and is in complete sync with Quantiloop.

Everything works well. I chose a song in Onsong which sets the Beat Buddy song and Drum kit and Beat buddy Syncs the Tempo and Time Signature with Quantiloop.
I control the Quantiloop with two Irig Bluebirds and I have 8 buttons assigned for the control.

On top of everything I have made my own midi controller in Midi Designer Pro and I can control Beat Buddy, Quantiloop, Amplitude and Amplitude acoustic all from the same page while running Onsong and Midi Designer on one of the iPads.
Quantiloop is an amazing looper and is match made in haven for the Beat Buddy.

I have TC Helicon Voice Live 3 which I do not use since I started using Quantiloop.

And most important both I pads are getting charged through the interface while playing.

There is room for using a Vocal through one of the inputs of the Connect Audio4+ and Using an App on the I pad with Quantiloop and running it at the same time but it will stretch the resources of the iPad to the max.
My set up is not cheap but it sounds great and is always in sync.

I hope this helps.

Cheers Blagoj

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Thanks for the reply. That’s an impressive setup you have! I like the idea of moving away from hardware pedals (except for a plethora of foot switches) and more toward software solutions. It may be more complex but I am OK with that, I just don’t know how far you can push an iPad. I’m thinking one with OnSong and quantiloop And a 2nd iPad for vocal effects software. Just in the kick around stage so far.