BB-OnSong set tempo,help

Hello, I have BB,MM and Aeros Gold and they all work fine.
I bought the OnSong app for iOS and I can’t get my tablet to automatically adjust the tempo and drum set for each song on the BB rhythm machine.
How do I do this?
Thanks for the suggestions.

I see that people use bluetooth adapters for wireless connection, but it is not clear to me where to turn on such an adapter if the midi cable In and Out from the BB go to the MM and Aeros.
Is it possible to connect OnSong and MM via bluetooth and that way MM sends MIDI information to BB?

Don’t know if you’ve checked these out and if you haven’t, you might want to do so:

You can also contact Support, to see if they can offer any help.

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I watched the OnSong video several times before, the question is, where should I connect the MIDI dongle when both the input and output on the cable that goes from BB are occupied with Aeros and MM?

Is it possible to wirelessly connect the OnSong and any of the three Singular Sound pedals I have for what I mentioned in the first post?

I don’t understand how to connect Ipad/OnSong app to BB?
Do I need a bluetooth dongle or can the tempo be sent to BeatBuddy via MM and bluetooth connection?

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Yes, I think the MM part of the forum has multiple threads explaining just that :blush:

Like this: