BB>OnSong>VoiceLive3 & MIDI

I’m sure one of you knowledgeable folks out there will have the answer to this and save me further wasted hours trying to figure this out. My setup is an Ipad with OnSong, Bluetoothed to a PUC+. The PUC+ then receives the MIDI string from OnSong telling BB to change folder/tempo etc e.g MIDI:0.21:18, CC106:0, CC107:120 giving Folder 22, Song 19 with Tempo 120 - all good there, works well and no more sore back bending over to change songs and tempos. With this new found skill I thought ok, I can get OnSong to also tell the VoiceLive3 to change presets! This was not to be.
I have had some success with getting OnSong telling the VL3 to change presets when there is no BB command e.g. MIDI:0.0:10,CC0 gives me preset 11. It all goes to custard when I try and combine both. I’ve tried a number of combinations with the MIDI settings (Thru & Merge) on BB as well altering the order of the MIDI strings i.e VL3 and BB. But I only get the result of one string. Hoping that someone has this figured out;)