BB pedal intermittent fault

My BB pedal sometimes doesn’t work when I switch the BB on. It’s an intermittent fault, but it persists and it’s annoying. I’ve installed the latest firmware.

Can you be a bit more specific, please? There is no ON switch n a BB, so it would help to know what’s not working.

I mean “when I switch the power on, or plug it in”. I sent a video of this fault to Singular Sound today. Generally what happens is the BB boots up and shows the last beat I used. Then I either change the beat and depress the pedal or just directly depress the pedal to start the beat and either way nothing happens. Sometimes I keep repeatedly depressing the pedal and after a while it starts and from then on everything works well. Other times I try unplugging it and booting up again, but I’m not sure whether or not that adds anything. There are times when it works well right from the start.

You confused me because you can’t “switch” something on when it doesn’t have a switch…

So you’re saying the main pedal is sometimes unresponsive? How old is the pedal? I’ve had that happen when the switch gets worn out. It’ll work fine for a while, then it will suddenly (usually live and in the middle of a song) start ignoring presses.

I’ve had it for a couple of years. Once the main pedal finally starts working it’s flawless, and so it has never been a problem in the middle of a song. I’ve considered a squirt of CRC onto the switch, but I’m waiting for a response to that suggestion from SS before doing something that might damage the electronics.

Thanks for your help.

It sounds like you might have an intermittent short. This could be caused by the mechanical wearing of the switch or by an electrical issue. If Support offers to replace it, then you’re “golden.” You could, while you wait, remove the bottom plate and then use a can of compressed air to clean all of the jacks (except the MIDI and USB ports) and then carefully clean the inside of the pedal and finally clean in and around the main pedal button. You could very carefully use DeOxit on the shaft of the main button.


If you use the BB without an external footswitch, try plugging a 1/4" plug in and out of the footswitch jack on the BB several times to exercise the contacts. I don’t know the design of that jack, but it may have some contacts within it that act as switches that tell the BB when an external FS is connected. If it has these contacts, it’s possible if they got intermittent from dirt, dust, etc, it may make the BB act oddly.

I’ll also second the recommendation for the DeOxit for electronics. I do have a can of CRC, but that gets mostly used for automotive electrical use and not near circuit boards that may have electronic components.