BB + Pigtronix Infinity Looper External MIDI sync issue

Dear BeatBuddy,
Love my BB - it’s amazing and it integrates really well with my pigtronix infinity looper - keeping it (and me) in time.
However I’ve run into an issue when using an external sync to set my BB (and therefore Pigtronix"s) tempo.
Connecting Ableton live MIDI sync out to BeatBuddy transmits the appropriate tempo info but then when I run MIDI out from the BB to the Pigtronix the Pigtronix can’t keep track of the downbeat (it gets way out of sync). I’m trying to do a one man band thing using the BB as my drum track and I only have one MIDI out so I need to be able to run external sync to the BB and then use the BB’s MIDI out to sync the Pigtronix. For troubleshooting I’ve tried MIDI out and MIDI thru settings on the BB. Any help would be really appreciated.
Also another issue I’ve noticed is that the BB doesn’t really seem to stay in sync with regard to starting / stopping on the beat - it’s very easy to accidentally start the bb on an off beat or on an upbeat when synced to external midi which makes me have to stop it, then turn on the metronome, then start the BB on time - shouldn’t it just come in on time when set to external midi sync?

I contact the Pigtronix support yesterday
Normally there is a new update end this week for the infinity to resolve the sync problem !


Did you try to start BB with a Midi Start Command from Ableton? I don´t know Ableton, but when BB is slave, the Master has to start BB in sync (either with a Midi start, or since the new FW you can also send Transition Command to start BB…). BB starts always immediately, so your DAW has to start.
When you connect PC-BB-PigLooper, is BB Midi out set to OUT or MERGE? Should be set to OUT otherwise Infinity becomes Midi clock twice.
Did you try to use Infinity without BB synced to ableton? If that works, you can also use a Midi splitter/Midi thru box (1 Midi in, mostly 4 Midi outs, but there are also other devices), to connect your Midi Maste to both devices…