BB powering a tablet via midi?

HI! anyone having experience about powering a tablet (I have a galaxy tab 10) from BB via midi power? I did not know this existed but looking at this product specification link
and another thread I realize it may be posssible…

did someone tried it already?


Based on the MIDI Sync Adaptor wiring diagrams and comments made by the pedal’s creator that I’ve seen here on the forum, I’m going to guess that it is not possible. Why not? Because the pedal internal MIDI wiring would have to be connected to the processor in order to pass power to it. If a properly configured MIDI cable handles 5v DC, the pedal would need 9v DC, 300mA.

thanks Persist, I was looking at this post that suggest that BB does send midi power…

Thanks for sharing the post, Marcello. I just looked up the tablet power requirements and it was helpful. At best your tablet would charge very slowly or not at all and at worst, it might fry your tablet’s USB port.

Is it your intent to pass MIDI data as well as to power your Galaxy at the same time?

My first thinking when I saw that USB-MIDI Interface features was that while exchanging data it could be possibly to keep the charge longer while using it… but it looks like is not that simple as today I tried even with a 2A Samsung charger different from the one I got with the tablet and it does not charge… so I will start a new thread just to ask about experiences with USB Midi interface cables forgetting about power over midi

Opportunity to use Bluetooth midi?

Bluetooth midi works with the BB. I use the Yamaha BT01, with a IK Multimedia Bluebeard and OnSong. The BB responds to OnSong for song changes, along with tempo. I use the Blueboard to scroll lyrics within OnSong.

But, I can’t see where the Bluetooth could provide power to the tablet or the BB. I don’t think we have that technology yet.

I’m bad. I didn’t read read the thread correctly.