BB Premium content is messy

I just got the whole enchilada. Love the BB, amazing sounds, but…

Yes, there is always that. The content is so terribly organized, duplicated songs due to previous releases or mixed artists and rhythms.

And the BBM is not super friendly in dealing with Folder structure (a basic feature in any file-folder organization interface). How do I create Folders within the BBM? How can we search/replace within BBM?

How can we have an official version of an easy to find information structure?

Has anyone worked on fixing this mess before?

Am I alone in the universe?

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I am in complete agreement. looks like a plate of spaghetti… and not in a good way. I was disappointed when I purchased. You would think they could get someone to spend a day or 3 organizing, but I guess that Singular Sound hates the Beat Buddy Manager as much as the rest of us.

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You have the ability to reorganize the content any way that best meets your needs using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM).

What would you recommend to improve the organization?

Thank you for answering. As I said in the OP, this is specific for the Premium Content. The Original content seems organized and is easy to navigate:

  1. I would add more separators between the rhythms and the songs (e.g., beats, rhythm collections and actual songs). That way, we can see better what is available instead of scrolling through the content as a whole
  2. Separate and integrate the “Vol.x - Most Popular Cover Songs” into their respective artist folders (unless it is a specific collection like the Xmas songs), which will,
  3. Prevent duplicate songs from appearing in different folders or collections
  4. Add the ability for us (users) to add folders and separators in BBM (or make it easy to see/make if there is already a way to achieve that)
  5. A way for users to make a playlist in BBM or, since it is so close to Xmas, to make it on the fly with the pedal or the Footswitch+, without duplicating or creating and moving the songs to a new folder

Again, thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

Thank you for your suggestions. I’m tagging the content creator.

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Thank you for listening/reading :raised_hands:

We understand this sentiment and hope to greatly improve how the BBM works with the assets you are using.

BBM 2.0 will avoid duplicating assets (.wav files, midi files, etc) and simply point to the same file when using it in different places.

BBM 2.0 will also be a more user friendly experience and will hopefully help bring the creativity on the BB to a whole new level.

Thank you for your thoughts and ideas!

Thank you for your help in creating a better experience!

We appreciate the efforts.

I’ve used BB for years, love it, and tried to use BBM a few times, just not user friendly.

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when might one expect to see BBM 2.0. I’m 70yrs old. will it be in my life time?


I bought my BeatBuddy when I was 69 yrs old. Now 74 and still waiting for the new and improved BBM. Not having high expectations of seeing BBM 2.0 in my lifetime :frowning_face: .


A Roadmap would be great for us users to look at. And on the other hand, it will be a nice commitment from the development team, especially for the folks that want to see the BBM2 happening sooner than later :grimacing:

Thank you all for your feedback.

While we do want to get you guys the BBM ASAP, we cannot in good conscience make commitments to dates, it is not feasible and never ends well with users. Software is unpredictable and 1 week easily turns into 3, weeks into months, etc. We prefer to give you things you can use rather than promise things that are not yet ready.

We are on the road to completing the project and our incentive is not to work on it forever but to finish as soon as possible.

This is not like other attempts at a BBM 2.0 because it has attainable goals, a strong design, and has been fully spec’ed, we aren’t expecting big surprises to come at us as we create it.

We hope to have more info soon as we get closer to a release date. We definitely understand the frustration and we are aware of how crucial this software is to the product. You can trust that we want it out as badly as you do!

Thank you for your patience!

I’ve posted this before, but it’s been a while so:

I’m still waiting for the ability to play all my premium content. Mine has been on the shelf all year waiting for the ability to play premium songs from start to finish. I did try to use it but it’s a pain, one of my favourite songs is sultans of swing which has 27 transitions plus fills !

I sat down with the beat buddy and put the record on and tried to learn where the transitions are but it didn’t work. I just don’t have the time or inclination to learn all the transitions for all the songs.

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