BB Quantiloop integration issue

Hi everyone!

Any Quantiloop users here? I can’t get my BB to work properly with Quantiloop. What am I doing wrong here? I use serial mode and want to record track 2 after playing track 1. But when I press track 2 button QL waits until the end of the bar and starts recording which is fine but BB says “transition” and plays track 1 for one more bar before switching to track 2. The only way to make BB end its transition at the proper time is to press track 2 right one bar before the end of track 1. But then QL starts recording one bar earlier. I’m definitely missing something in the settings of either BB or QL.

Here is a short video that shows what’s going on:

It seems to me you need to refer to best usage, someone else that is using this setup may be able to help out. The issue seems to be that Quantiloop is not sending the transition command at the time you want it to, this may be a setting in Quantiloop, you should verify this!

Best of luck!

Hey Brennan,

Thanks for your answer. I am not an author of Quantiloop ofcourse but I am a programmer so my guess is that Quantiloop sends transition command exactly at the moment a new bar is starting. But transitions take time so this command needs to be send some period of time ahead, before beginning of the next bar, right? Does transition take a constant time every time or does its length depend somehow of anything? Can you please confirm or reject my assumption so that I could help Quantiloop’s author to fix the issue, hopefully?

Hey there,

Yeah, so they’d need to send a CC113 (value=part #) followed by CC113 value 0 within 1 bar ahead of the next measure’s 1. So if the Complete Transition command (CC113 value 0) is sent once the new measure has started, it will wait another measure.

They could also do what we do and send a CC113 value 1-32 command on the press and then send the CC113 value 0 on the release, but I realize this may mess with other functions they have.

For the former option to work they’d also need to tell users to update to 3.9.9 so that it is possible for users to make use of CC113 value 1-32 and CC 113 value 0 being sent immediately in sequence from one user action (button press). BB v3.8.0 does not support this action.

The BB does not support transitioning without playing a transition fill, which must be at least >0 measures and <1 measure. If the CC113 value 1-32 and value 0 commands are sent in sequence, the BB will transition at the next bar’s start point.