BB Randomly 'reboots'

My BeatBuddy restarts randomly. It has happened twice at gigs and several times at home rehearsing. I have it synced to my VoiceLive3 looper and sometimes I’ll leave it operating for several hours.

The drums are playing, the loop is playing, I’m playing my guitar overtop of everything. The drums cutout and the BB restarts itself. When it comes back on it is just like a fresh startup so no drums are playing.

This is a firmware bug. Please email for the solution.

Hi, I am using the BB as it is. I have set it up and all worked well for 4 months.
Now the BB refuse to trigger any fill-ins but instead does outro. The pedals reaponse when pressed
is also sometimes intermittent whereby it ignores the press or double press to stop but instead does outro
of performs non-stop transitions. I cleared the SD card and reload back the same data which I copied and stored.
So is my BB device faulty or is there and internal software problem or something I’m unaware that I may have pressed.
Please tell me if anyone know the reason for this problem. Or encountered it and could share how you resolved it. Tnks

That sounds very strange. Can you make a little video of this and send it to ? I would like to see in context what you are talking about. Thank you.