BB redesign of hardware

I would love to see a table top BB with a foot control taking over from the actual pedal part of BB. When you are ancient it gets difficult to see the floor based screen and to constantly bend down to pick it up. What do others think

I think you COULD add a MIDI pedal and do this now.

Glad to see somebody else has this problem.
Not quite ancient yet but still human.

Having read a lot of stuff on this forum and discovered the app OnSong which helps me a great deal.
But something whereby the BB display etc can be viewed on your phone, tablet or whatever easily and simply would be great.

Adding Onsong to the BB has opened another learning curve for me.

Change to a larger font size in the pedal might be helpful . . . .:nerd_face:

Hi… i really do think this is hardware on most. I have read somewhere of a double-typing Q10 that was replaced by a new and different(?) keyboard and the problem never happened again. Maybe BlackBerry made a different keyboard in terms of layout.

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