BB screen starts jumping all over the place

Ok when I try to change the tempo with the knob, the BB screen starts jumping all over the place. and some times just goes black. same when trying to go in to the settings mode. I have had the BB for a while. never gig out with it just in the home studio. I cant touch any button with out it going spastic.

This is one for the tech heads I think. Have you tried updating latest firmware? Will it let you do that without bouncing around?

  1. Check that the power jack is firmly seated
  2. Replace the firmware, even if you did so recently; if you do and it still has the same symptoms, go to an earlier version 2.0.4 and test
  3. If none of the above works, contact Support,

Let us know how it turns out or what you did to get it working properly again.

Yes it has the latest updates. I have to kinda sneak up on it to do anything. I keep it on a mic stand tray so I can change folders/songs, and use a 2 button switch for the main pedal mode. But changing tempo is a royal pain.

Ive had this happen to me too and if you reset it to all defaults, it goes back to normal. Not the best solution I know, but it works.


This might be a bug, the BB flashing through all the pages when I try to set the tempo. I have found that I was trying to set the tempo before the drum set loaded completely. If I wait then I can set the tempo with no problems. But tat just adds more time between song in my set.

I’ll see if I can replicate the issue with my pedal this weekend. Which version of the firmware are you using?

Meanwhile, if you’re using the original SD card and the default content, you could try a slightly faster and larger SD card (SDHC 32Gb Class 10). SD cards for video cameras will not work; neither will cards larger than 32Gb. Try updating the firmware if you have not done so yet and see if that makes a difference.

Couple of other things as well that might reduce the time needed to load a song, change drum sets and adjust tempo:

  • Use the BBM to develop a setlist folder with the songs you intend to play with the bpm set and saved for each song; this will help avoid having to tinker with the tempo.
  • Pare the number of drum sets down in your project to only those you will actually use.

I’ll circle back to this post to validate your observation.

I tested my pedal last night with firmware version 3.8.0 and could not replicate your symptoms.

At this stage, it’s probably best that you contact Support, for help.