BB Signal path ?

Hi BB owners !

I am really interested in the BB and I would love to hook it up with my Boomerang 3.

Since I have my Boomerang hooked up in the effect send on my Mackie mixer I was wondering if the input signal goes right through the BB ?

Path: Mackie Effect send > Boomerang > BB > Mackie Stereo inputs


Yes, this should work seamlessly.
I use BeatBuddy - Boomerang III combo for almost half a year already, and I am more than happy with the result.
You can check the video in my signature - it was recorded as is in one pass with no post-processing and no preparation (at the start of the video Rang is empty). But from this also comes the major drawback - the sound quality is pretty shit. Though, you can easily grasp the idea of how easy it is to manipulate your drums with your feet, if you pay attention to when I am stepping on my pedals.

Sounds good to me!

The reason I use my Boomerang with the effect send on my Mackie is so that I can use anything I play (clean, distorted guitars, keyboard or Wavedrum etc ) and record that as is on my Boomerang with great audio quality.

Now I am just waiting for the BB to be available here in Scandinavia.

Thanks for your input !