BB software problem or...?

Last night at the gig BB began to behave strangely. At the press of the main pedal switches from intro to outro, transition, verse. . . and does not respond to pedal pressure, and with constant switching and display tap tempo.
I turned it off, remove the SD card, and without an SD card displays in the 2-3 second tap tempo. I turned it off, returned the SD card, but again the same. What to do?

I’ve had my pedal about a year and a half and have used it extensively. Although not the same, I started having somewhat similar problems. During a transition it would stay stuck as if I was holding it down and then sometimes it would it would just stop as if I had double-tapped it.

I contacted support and wound up having to send it in. Jay at support was great and went out of his way to take care of me but the experience made me realize that regardless how high-tech equipment is, mechanical parts will break down. I’m now saving up to get a backup!

Send an email to and tell them exactly what is happening. If you do have to send it in don’t make the same mistake I made by sending it via UPS. Use any other carrier but NOT UPS. Good luck!

Thx Raymond,
I’ll see what I’m going because I’m not from the USA, so it is difficult to send.

Yeah that changes things a bit. I’d still contact support and explain your situation to them. I’m sure they deal with customers all over the world and would know how to get you back up and running as soon as possible. Like I said, when mine started acting up Jay literally went out of his way to get me going again so I know from experience they’ll work with you.

I happen to be lucky (now) because I have 2 friends that have a BB they’ll lend me but I do feel for you. They got theirs after they heard mine but before that I did think about what I would do if my pedal went down. I was thinking I could use my laptop to play the OPB songs and just use one beat/part for the multi-part songs. Not the ideal situation but personally I’d rather have some kind of beat behind me than nothing at all. I guess you could also record your multi-part songs off the BB Manager but if you have as many songs as I do, which I’m sure you do, doing that would be very time-consuming.

Good luck!!

Lucky for you, you can borrow from someone. :slight_smile:
And I’ve had my pedal about a year and a half and I’m used to BB, if I manage to send,i dont know how I’m going to play without. Even with the whole band when I play ( with drummer), my foot starts to push the transition or fill. :))
And I thought to use a laptop, but it’s complicated because I do not work with OPB.
BB is not cheap, but I’m thinking to buy another.
Thanks again, all the best.