BB Starts with Intro ... but Aeros doesn't start the song


what I do: I create a new song with “+“ … start the BB … BB starts with an intro … Aeros starts recording after the intro … I save the song after recording … everything seems to be okay.

When I play the song later, I start with the BB (starts with the Intro), but the Aeros starts the song immidiately, without waiting for the intro to be finished …


When I start the song later, I start with the BB (who starts with the Intro), but the Aeros doesn’t start the song. What can I do, to start a saved song on the Aeros with the BB? The BB plays the Intro, but the Aeros doesn’t start with the playback.

Thanks in advance for some help.


Hey there, that’s odd, could you confirm that you are on the latest firmware 3.8.0 on the BeatBuddy, and on version 3.1.18 on the Aeros?

Once you can confirm that for me, please make sure that your cable is all the way into the BeatBuddy.

Let me know!

Hi Brennan, there is the latest firmware on BB and Aeros. I checked the cables … all correct connected.


Hi Brennan,

it‘s working … I changed „MIDI out >Start“ to „Main Beat“ on the BB and „MIDI IN Start“ to „Record“ and „Playback“ … sometimes things need a little more time … ;-).


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