Does AEROS now send MIDI instructions to BeatBuddy?

Hello everyone, I stopped using my Beat Buddy and Aeros a couple of years back because was just using it to practice but found it annoying that once a song was recorded and I changed songs the looper didn’t recognize the tempo and style of the music when I can back to the recorded song. I had to remember the tempo, choose the style, drum kit etc, and adjust for it each time I changed songs. The midi was only one way, just to start the song Aeros didn’t send messages back to the BB to give that data to it. They said it was on their list of requests but I don’t know if they solved that or just introduced a new piece of gear , the maestro, to deal with that if it does in fact give that option. Can anyone shine some light on the subject? Many Thanks

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Lo and behold:

Yes, the Aeros can now send MSB, LSB, and PC commands to the BeatBuddy to select songs

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