BB Switch Problem

Hey everyone, quick question. I set up my foot switch for my BEAT BUDDY to do the following: when silent the left foot switch is set to “song back”, and the right switch is “song forward“. My problem is when I try to advance songs with my right switch, it’ll advance maybe 2 or 3 songs, then goes to my “folders” screen. The left switch does what it’s assigned….scroll as it should. Is it something I’ve done, or maybe a defective switch? What do you think? Thanks in advance for any help!

From your description it sounds like the switch might be slightly sticking when pressed. Hold the entire foot switch enclosure upside down and tap it several times in the cupped palm of your hand. You can also give the switch shaft a shot or two of compressed air. Last step would be to treat the shaft of the switch with DeoxIT D5. Press the switch several times to work the DeoxIT in. Consider doing the same for the other switch while you’re at it.

Here’s a video


Thanks very much!!


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