BB sync only the important folders others to not be shown on the BB but should be present on BBM for doing the ground work

Here is a situation I am faced with.

On the BBM I have folders created that are the default folders of rhythms. Few other folders are created by me for managing and few others downloaded from other locations.

However there are these few folders that I have created that have the actual completed song files in them.

Is there anyway that we can synchronize only the required folders and not all to the BB. I do not want to see the default content on the BB. Just the content that has the final completed songs.

Any thoughts??

Here’s a way is to export just the few folders that you want.

  1. Export just those few folders from the BBM.
  2. Create a new BBM project.
  3. Export Project to SD card and then sync.

You can also disable those drum sets that you are not using to further streamline things.

Thank you. We can close this discussion.