BB Sync


I use my Beatbuddy as my master which syncs to my timeline and boomerang looper.
At times in my repertoire y don’t use the beatbuddy and I have it set so it doesn’t send the master when it isn’t being used, all good. But is it possible that when the Bb isn’t playing the Timeline can somehow still follow the Boomerang or the Boomerang follow the timeline?

Thanks in advance, if this post must be moved to another part please do so.

Are you asking, “Can I make it do this?” or saying “Something weird’s happening and I wonder if this is it”?

I’m Asking, is it posible to do this? to make the timeline follow the Boomerang or the boomerang follow the timeline, for songs when the BB isn’t playing?

Should be able to slave the BB to the Boomerang – I think. Lots of Boomers here on the community, hopefully someone can confirm.