BB Tech Support - THE BEST!

Good Morning BBer’s,

I just wanted to give a shout out to Jay at BB Tech Support. He has responded to all of my emails regarding questions on installation of the BB Manager reinstallation (had “sync” issues with the SD card due to somehow deleting some loops on some drum rhythms).

He was able to remote into my computer and walk me through it (well…he really did all the work! LOL). I am so grateful my BB Manager is now on the computer and I can continue to build my setlists and get started using this little jewel!

Jay…you are DA BEST! Thank you again and whoever is reading this at Singular Sound…give the guy a pat on the back via his paycheck!!

Stay tuned…I’ll be back :slight_smile:


We are always glad to be of service. Enjoy and feel free to email us any time! :slight_smile:

@Guitargal58 I just patted Jay on the back!!! :wink:

Awesome!!! Lol thanks for such an awesome product,…you guys rock! Customer service is the key to growing your business or killing it! You have a great team who obviously is passionate about their jobs and although I am not tech savvy I hope I can master the BeatBuddy and not have to bug y’all too much and keep doing what I love!

Stay tuned!!!