BB through bose or roland

Hi everyone, happy new year. I am contemplating buying one of these little beauties and was wondering if they would go ok through my Bose L1 mk11 with B2 base and tonematch mixer? I do have a Roland ac90 stereo acoustic guitar amp as well so could use that just for the BB. Any thoughts? Greatly appreciated. I am a solo guitarist/singer.

The BB kick drums have a freq component at 50 hz. The Bose is good to 40 hZ it should very work well. Couldn’t find a freq spec on the Roland but doubt it will reproduce drums as well as the Bose.

Thank you. I guess I can try both if I decide to buy. Another question for you Pineears: I would like to put in a set list of songs, say 50 with an uncomplicated drum backing. From the forum it would seem to be a complicated process? I am a humble muso with limited knowledge of I.T. is it really that difficult?

No you can’t use BB without significant effort (or any other drum machine you’d purchase). You would have to associate each of your 50 songs with a MIDI main loop or find on the forum where someone posted the song you want ready to go and import it. I posted a folder of a dozen or more simple beats, but you would have to import it and associate simple beats with your songs. You can avoid MIDI editing and making your own beats. All that said about probably 5 different simple drum backings should be OK for your 40 of your 50 songs. It’s not hard to avoid the intros, fills, transitions and outros, which by my definition are beyond uncomplicated. There are video instructions available under video on the forum. View them while your new BB is still on the way.

I have seen a few youtube vids and am still very impressed. Thank you for your help.

I use my BB live through a Fishman SA-220 and it sounds terrific even without a sub. I run my acoustic through a Boss Chorus and through the BB into channel 2. My Mic into Channel 1, I’m live and ready to roll!

The 220 looks like a breeze to carry. I bet the acoustic guitar sounds great, Fishman is good at that.

I ran it through the aux input on my GK MB200 bass amp and through a GK NEO-112ii bass cabinet set to full range. It sounds fantastic.

I like that…,.,.,200 watts, 30 lbs and [SIZE=4]Frequency response: 36Hz–19kHz + 5dB. [/SIZE]

Fishman set up with BB
I’m using a Fishman SA 220 with the following, guitar/vocals into Digitech Vocalist live 3 then out (left mono) to the mic input of the Jamman stereo looper, BB into stereo 1/4 inputs on the jamman I can mix the guitar/vocal and BB from the instrument gain knob (BB) and guitar/vocal from the mic gain knob on the Jamman then stereo out to BBE 482 sonic max then out to Fishman
sounds pretty good to me

Resurrecting an old thread to add new info. I am now running the Beat Buddy through a dedicated Roland KC-80 keyboard amp for home practice and band rehearsal. Band has electric guitar, acoustic guitar, electric bass, keyboard, Hammond organ, and multiple voices. All instruments have individual amps on a backline. At reasonable stage volumes this KC-80 works fine by itself. Nice full range accurate sound. Good bass response. We set it on an amp stand behind the drum kit and everyone can hear it well. We use it when the drummer can’t make it.

I like the Roland KC series, too. I use a KC 350. I have a Bose L1, but for most purposes, the KC 350 is easier to set up.