BB + Timeline + Infinity MIDI sync?

Hi, new to the forum and wondering if anyone has successfully gotten the BeatBuddy synced via MIDI to both an Infinity Looper and Strymon Timeline simultaneously. I did some searching and didn’t see anything on the topic, so apologies if I missed a thread covering this.

Ideally, the order of pedals would be Timeline -> BeatBuddy -> Infinity, so that the loop and drum beat aren’t processed by the delay. I tried simply connecting the MIDI-out from the Timeline into the MIDI-in of the BB, and the MIDI-out from the BB into the MIDI-in of the Infinity, but not surprisingly, that didn’t work.

Anyone tried this or have any suggestions? Do I need a MIDI controller to accomplish this? Can the MIDI-out from the BeatBuddy be split so that it acts as master to both pedals? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!