BB to Aeros

I’m considerding purchasing the aeros looper to pair with my beat buddy but I have some questions

I have my songs (drum and bass ) in the beat buddy broken into parts (verse,chorus,solo eding etc ) and mostly I want to be able to solo over the solo sections in the song with the beat in sync and having a pre recorded loop I made with the aero present when the solo section appears. Currently I have to create the loop with my infinity looper then solo over that which comlicated things especailly if the choerds for the solo are numerous.


1 can the aeros accomplish that ?
2 can I still call on songs arranged by set list in the beat buddy with onsong via blue tooth or will the aeros song list conflict and force me to select songs on the aeros
3 how much better easier is the aeros to BB than other systems to play live with
4 what pit falls should I expect for example I hear setting volumes on the recorded loops is challenging



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I thought I had it in the wrong spot Chip. Do you know anything about this ?


  1. Yes definitely and with relative ease! Just record the song part in the Aeros using the same BB song at the same BPM you will use live, voila, instantly recallable. Just set the Aeros in the Main Menu to not respond to MIDI Start for playback or for recording. This means the Aeros will not start recording/playing back when BB starts but will be counting along. On the BB itself I would turn off the ability to send Transition messages (CC102) when it transitions. Turn this off in the menu: Main Pedal > MIDI Settings > MIDI Out > Transition.
  2. Yes this is possible. We have made it so that the Aeros only responds to the MSB layer (CC:0) so you could send LSB (CC:32) and PC commands and BB would respond without Aeros responding. This way the Aeros would not change songs or could do so independently from BB. The BB as of 4.0.2 does not respond to MSB (CC:0) but will be able to again with a setting in 4.1.x. You could also not have any songs on the Aeros respond to MIDI song select, it is not automatically set like in the BB.
  3. Aeros + BB together is a literal dream, it gives you tons of control while being easy to use and coordinate with one another. There is no better duo!
  4. There are possibly some improvements to be made on our side but from what I have read on the forum is users who are recording adequate levels into the Aeros are not noticing this issue. This still has to be fully verified as a bug, it is not presently clear what the fix to this behavior should be but we are investigating.

Thanks for the questions!