BB to MIDI control sequences on a Roland Fantom 06 Keyboard

Please forgive my noob/dumb questions or assumptions. I’m frankly floundering after a lot of searching here and with Roland…

My setup: MM to BB to Aeros (AE). I would like to MIDI out from AE to Roland Fantom 06 to trigger sequences / arpeggiation. Examples: the synth bass pedal on ZZ Top Legs. The intro sequence on Who Eminence Front, or Talking Heads Once In A Lifetime.

I want the triggered Roland part to change with my BB/MM/AE part. Let’s say my Part 1 on BB/AE is verse part 1, and needs a pulsing A bass note. Part 2 needs a pulsing F# bass note.

Roland says I can’t externally trigger patterns created with the sequencer, but I could trigger samples. I would record patterns I’ve created to the sampler, turning them into wav files that will then be triggered by the external controller. The trigger/MIDI message would need to be a note number C1, D1, E3 etc. as if you were playing the notes on a keyboard. they said it isn’t possible to trigger the samples using CC messages.

I initially thought this would be a matter of sending MIDI commands from MM. But this is probably wrong. MM doesn’t send MIDI notes, correct, only CC?

So is this possible from BB? is there some way I can include MIDI notes in my BB program that are sent through the AE to the Roland, and by the way, NOT trigger a sound I don’t want on BB?

I’m actually willing to pay someone to help me figure this out.

If the triggered parts are related to the song parts, then the BB makes more sense anyway – but it IS a bit limited. We use our BB to run our light show, but getting it to trigger our Obey40 requires an intermediary MIDI Solutions Event Processor that converts the notes BB will play to other MIDI commands that the Obey understands. So, you could conceivably convert Note1 on the BB to Sequence-1 on the Roland, Note2 to Sequence-2, and so on. You could also add the MIDI notes to your BB song and play them out through the Roland on a different channel (although you might have to do some transposition to avoid note overlap with the drums).

Joel, thanks. But why would I need to convert Note1 on BB to Seq1, if the Roland accepts note commands?

If you an call sequences via note commands, you wouldn’t need to convert. It happens I have no idea what your keyboard requires so I’m giving you the unabridged version.
Note that you can’t send notes that are part of the BB drum set range, so you might still need to do some conversion.

If you have wav files why not create a BB drum set including that wav? Then those sounds can be baked in to the beat itself :blush:

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