BB using a powerbrick

Hello all,
I recently decided to get rid of my old plugboard and replace it with a Joyo power supply, works great with all my effects except BB, the is an almost modulating whine that is so prominent its unusable, The chain its in is:
BodyRez- TC harmony singer-ZoomA3- BB.
Has anybody here encountered this issue?

Read the first review by W J at and the reviewer states that the Joyo does not use truly isolated electrical ports (despite what Joyo’s literature states). This seems to be a common complaint among users and is most likely the source of the digital noise from your BeatBuddy (BB).

To prove or disprove this point, remove the BB from the Joyo and instead use the BB PSU. Keep your other pedals connected to the Joyo. Test the BB for noise using your signal chain. If it still whines, it could be one of the pedals in the signal chain that the BB is passing signal thru. Many users run their BB as a standalone into a separate and full range amplifier.

If you want to try to make the BB work thru the Joyo, I suggest you start breaking your pedalboard down and test each part individually starting with the BB direct to your amp with and without the Joyo. You have so many variables to test to find where the digital noise is being introduced and assuming you can get it to all work together does not guarantee that when you move your pedalboard and PSU to a new location that you won’t have the same problem again.


I’ve been using the One Spot Pro CS-12 and I use it w MM Aeros BB and usually two other pedals at once and there is considerably less noise if any.

I think it’s a worthwhile investment!

Just food for thought

Thanks guys, ive just replaced the brick with an old fashioned plugboard with psu’s, works like a charm, @Persist, my own fault for buying that nasty stuff, no matter where in the chain alone or coupled the BB hated the Joyo, so for me not so much Joyo :slight_smile:
Thanks again you guys are always there helping, great support.