bb virtual machine starting midi sequence from other movements then first


I have some midi sequences that strangely are started in BBmanager with the pedal virtual machine starting from the 2nd or 3rd movement instead of first, while in the internal midi editor start correctly… is this already known? Any workaround while waiting for fix?

Think it would be best to upload/attached the Midi file in question for us to try out and see if it happens to us

thank you, here they are… “horse with no name” (fingerstylebass) starts on the third beat …and “street life” (standardpbass) on the second beat … I did few tests but I do not see the issue…

I’m testing Horse with no name and in my BB manager I hear a 4 beat count and then 4 beat measure no sound and then on the following measure starts the beat on the 1 count. This is not happening for you ?

No, to me every 1 beat sound is shown in the virtual (and BB) on the 3rd beat (see image), i.e. when the count start (1st beat) cursor is visually there on the 3rd… I understand is not the case for you?[ATTACH=full]4184[/ATTACH]

Thats strange. not for me. Sounds like both are starting correctly. not sure what could be causing that.

From my experience It has something to do with the DAW’s tempo,time signature setting, and midi note starting point when you / someone make that midi file.

I made a song with an awkward Chorus and/or fill, in which I had to make an unconventional midi notes placement decisions. It works sonically but when I look at the Beatbuddy’s screen the first note does not start on the first Bar.

thanks Diego for the tip! I realized that both of them were ending not with a full bar, just 1 or two beats… deleted them and now is ok! :slight_smile: