BB Volume

Hi fellow BBers
Has anyone noticed the BB having a lowish output compared to say mic’s or acoustic guitars into a PA?
We are running as Yamaha Stageplas 500 PA, with 2 x vocal mic’s, 2 x acoustic guitars & 1 x BB. On the Yamaha, the first 2 channels have a line/mic switch for the particular input, but the other channels don’t have this. We’ve been using the BB on channel 5/6 - which is for keyboards - but I’m wondering if its output is too low for this channel.

I’m not sure if its our particular set up or if its something within the BB itself, but with the BB on full pedal volume, we’re having to run its channel volume maxed out to get a decent volume, yet having to cut the overall master volume back to only 3 to keep the BB balanced with the other inputs.

This set up doesn’t leave us much margin to raise overall volume as the BB & its channel are already maxed out. Should we move the BB to channel 1 so we can use the line/mic switch, or should we get some form of a boost pedal to sit in the line between the BB & the PA?

Anyone have some experience/thoughts with this issue?

Are you using the BB in stereo, that should boost the output. It would also probably be better to treat it as a guitar rather than a keyboard.

Thanks Psalm 40, no we weren’t using it in stereo - I’ll certainly try stereo next time.