BB Web Presence Needs Work for Software Updates

I recently purchased a Beat Buddy and footswitch with the intent of adding some drums to a few songs in my one-man live show (vocals and acoustic guitar). Generally, this thing seems like it will do what I need. However, one early gripe as I get in to it is the Web resources seem very disjointed and confusing. For example, after considerable effort and searching I still can’t tell if I have the latest firmware or version of Beat Buddy Manager. The “sales” website has links for both that point to outdated versions. When I search through the discussion forums (old and new) I find postings with various versions. I have 2 basic requests:

  1. What are the specific version numbers for the latest firmware and BB Manager and where are they?

  2. Please update the Web resources to make it clear what these versions are and where to get them. There should be 1 spot to go for these downloads. There should be a table of version history. All references on Web pages and forum posts should the point to this spot.


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Agreed. It is confusing but after a while, you kind of get used to it (mind you, that doesn’t make it right but you’ll know where to turn).

Until Singular Sound improves their web presence, recommend you bookmark this page for current software and firmware

Thanks for the quick reply. Unless I am missing something, I did not find any references or links to software updates on the page you provided. There are some links in the user manuals, but they point to dead links.

For now, can you tell me what the latest software versions are, and where I can find them?

OK. Just found a recent post from DavidPackouz with firmware version 3.6.0. I assume that is the latest.

Still trying to get the latest BB Manager version if you know where to point me.


If you scroll down on the link I provided, you should see

Clicking the firmware link will download the latest firmware
Clicking on the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) download takes you back to the top of the page on the old forum and there is a link to the last official releases of the BBM for Mac BBManager- and Windows BeatBuddy_Manager_lite_1.6.5

Thanks! software links were not showing up on my iPad (Safari). I see them now on my WinPC.

yes I concur, it’s an unholy mess.

After the software updates I have got many problems in my system and among them, the Skype Mic Not Working problem is the one which disturbs me a lot.