BeatBuddy Firmware - Old Versions & Revision History

This post is somewhat in response to another post, BB Web Presence Needs Work for Software Updates. While getting new products out the door is fun stuff, Singular ought to focus a bit more on organizing what they already have out there. The SingularSound main webpage should be the go to place for all firmware and software they produce. Downloads shouldn’t link back to the forum, but rather links for updates should link back from to the SS website. Use a Cloud or and FTP for downloads, but link it directly from the main website. Make all revisions available in one place. Geocaching to find a prize can be fun, hunting for software isn’t :unamused:

I couldn’t find it collectively in one place, I set about finding and downloading all the firmware versions and revision history that I could find scattered through threads and elsewhere. In the attached zip file are the zipped firmware versions along with a Word doc of the history. The version history are pretty much a copy and paste from what was posted in a new version ‘announcement’ post, so hopefully will be accurate.
May be useful to those who wish to revert to a previous version for one reason or another.
I stayed with V2.04 (RC4), as I didn’t see much at the time that interested me. ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t try and fix it’.

BeatBuddy (2.2 MB)