bb went dead after connecting usb cable

bb went dead after I connected the usb cable to work with bb manager. cannot get the unit to respond. using a Sperry multimeter i measured good power from the included adapter; measured good power going to the unit just inside on the contacts on the first board so the adapter/connectors are good. didn’t measure anything else. I went through the downloading/installation of EMPTY_PRODUCTION_SD_RAR file. followed the instructions. when I wrote the unzipped file to the sd card it left one folder on the card: System Volume Information. nothing else. instructions said to then copy the normal, most recent firmware on the bb sd card and to be sure to get all 5 files: MLO, MLO.bin, boot.bin, app.bin, and app. I do not see any of these files anywhere. I made a backup of the sd card early on but do not see any of these files in that folder. the bb will not turn on so I cannot update the firmware even if I had it. I bought this back in November before they were even shipping from the factory. took almost 2 months to get it. $400 bucks was a hard spend for me. who do I contact to get another one to replace this one?

… found the upgrade firmware downloads and unzipped them and copied them to the sd card. put the card into the bb and attached the power but it is still dead.

when the rar file EMPTY_PRODUCTION_SD_RAR was unzipped, it resulted in a single file named: EMPTY_PRODUCTION_SD which was modified 8/6/2014 and the size was about 3 GB.

The file of approximately 3Gb you got sounds like the correct SD card image.
You need to use that utility software that was said in the topic where you got the file from.
It will write this image to your SD card.
This will revive your BeatBuddy.

I’d advise you to start over.

  1. Format SD card.
  2. Use the utility to write the image to it.
  3. Append firmware files to the SD card.
  4. Insert SD card into BeatBuddy.
  5. Power it on.
  6. If your BeatBuddy doesn’t power on, contact your local vendor. If you bought the pedal directly from the site, issue a letter to

… did it all but the bb is still dead … light will not come on at all. sent a message to support … going to have to ship this baby back.