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Just had a computer malfunction and had to re-downlaod BB Manager. The installer says to “drag & drop” BB Manager to Applications -Folder no issue there; it also says “drag & drop” BB Workspace to icon to Doc’s. But theres on sign of a BBWorkspace icon in the BB Manger download. BTW, I’m on latest Mac OS 10:11:5.
What I am missing?

John, I don’t have a Mac but will see if I can help anyway since you don’t have an answer here yet. You need to find the workspace, which is created when you install the Manager. In that workspace folder is where you will keep your project(s). You don’t need to move it but need to point the manager to where it is located on your Mac. This thread should help:

Hi John,
I have a Mac and have been through the procedure of upgrading the BB Manager. In fact, there is no BB Workspace Icon in the Box. This is ok as you can use the BB workspace from the previous BB Manager Version with the new on you have just downloaded.

We are currently working on getting the BBWorkspace more organized in the Mac version of 1.64 - we should have this sorted out within a few days.

In the mean time, the BBWorkspace by default (in the Mac 1.64 version) sets default_lib and user_lib but no parent folder BBWorkspace as it was in all the previous versions of BBManager. If you have the folder BBWorkspace already there, select that as your location. If not, just keep in mind that it will put the two libraries without that parent folder (in the Mac 1.64 version).

We are working on getting this resolved ASAP. If anyone has any issues, please don’t hesitate to email us directly at and I will be more than happy to help you directly, with or without a phone support session, which is always an option. :slight_smile:

Thanks fabbybuddy & BB Support.
Just to confirm, after a second extensive search there is no BBWorkspace, default_lib, or user_lib anywhere on my computer after downloading the 1.64. Not an option to use the old one as it disappeared during the computer meltdown.
It will be great if BB can put the BB Workspace folder back into the Mac 1.64 download asap so I can get my BB program up and running again.

You have to do more than just downloading it. If you don’t have a folder BBWorskspace, you can create a folder.

  • create a folder in your user/documents and give it a name such as BeatBuddy
  • install BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) and open it
  • when prompted, navigate to your newly created folder user/documents/BeatBuddy folder and click open; it should create the _lib folders there; if you find that it creates the two _lib folders elsewhere, drag them (move—not copy) to the folder
  • from BBM menu > Tools > Set Workspace Location to the new folder
  • from BBM menu > Help > Getting Started and follow the directions from the BBManager Cheat Sheet

I got my way around this by downloading v1.50 and then dragging the BBworkspace folder to “Documents”. I then downloaded V1.64 and installed it into “Applications”.

Thanks fabbybubby, where did you find v1.50?

try here:

Cool banana’s, up & running. Thanks everyone.

You can download the contents here: