BB Yahoo! Group

Anyone interested in being part of a new BeatBuddy Yahoo! Group? I’ve just started one (no content as yet) at Hit ‘join group’ to send a request to join.

Wow - I used to belong to a Yahoo group for motorhomes years ago, but thought they did away with those groups years ago. What would be the advantage of setting up such a group, since we have such a good group here?

My thoughts exactly, …
Yahoo’s track record these days is almost as bad as the name implies … bunch of spammers & virus alerts !

This is a great group, yes but surely you can never have too many sources of resources (I’m a poet & didn’t know it)? If I don’t get much interest I’ll just close it down again as everyone must be happy with what they’ve got I guess.

Yahoo! Group closed down due to no-one being interested or applying to join. Fair enough.

I appreciate your effort in trying to set that up. I really like having all my information in one place, though. I know that are some other Beat Buddy resources out there, like the Facebook Worship group, but for right now, I get all I need from our Forum, here.