BBLoader Folder Import Changes Song Order

BBLoader seems to jumble the order of the songs in a folder when it’s loaded. I imported the 3 “Songs with Bass” folders (220ish songs over 3 folders). They were alphabetical when I loaded them into BBManager. But when I put them on my card via BBLoader they were all out of order and no longer alphabetized.

Ouch that will wreck MIDI commands from BandHelper or OnSong. Let us know if you resolve this!

To be clear, I’ve only seen this when I actually used the “Add File” button and imported a .pbf.

Hi there,

what version are you using?


We can look into that, I imagine you’re on Sonoma as well?

Thank you for the feedback

Ventura 13.6 on this device.

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Question, are you reimporting something you exported from the BBL? Or importing a PBF from somewhere else?

This was the large “songs with bass” and (2 and 3) folder that was posted on the forums. I’ve also tried with other folders I created in BBManager. I have not tried with a folder created in BBLoader.

Thank you for the info