BBM links to waves not being retained upon save and reopen

I am trying to create a drum kit in BBM 1.6.6,0. As long as I have BBM open, I can preview the wavs I had added to the drum kit. I can save it, and they remain there. As soon as I quit BBM and reopen the kit, all identifying parameters are present, but when I click on the play wave button, there is no sound. If I try to use the kit as an active kit to play a song, I get no sound. The kit still says it is at 61%, which is totally consistent with the 61mb kit size, but there are no sounds playing when being activated by a song file, nor when I try to play then within the kit editor.

Sorry, didn’t see the sticky.

Well, I installed the official release of BBM on a different computer running Mac OSX 10.10.5 with a newly created SD card for the project file, and I am encountering the same problem. I cannot play the wavs that are in the drum kit after the drum kit has been saved. I created the kit, entered one wav, the kick drum, and did a “save as” with new desired name, Hammond with Bass. The wav played. I added the rest of the basic BB drums, saved, and again everything played. My drum kit list never shows the name Hammond with Bass, only “new drum kit”. I quit BBM, and restarted it. When I selected my new drum kit to continue working on it, the name of the wav are present, the kit size is consistent with the size of the wavs, but the wav do not play when they are selected for preview. I really want to build this drum kit, and I am stuck!!

Phil…you were referred to me… I think you have an issue with saving. Before leaving the drum editor, kits need to be saved. So, all you have to do is double-click (windows) on the kits name in the left pane (drumkit list). After that is done, you need to make sure that the click on your new kit’s checkbox, otherwise it’s not really in the oroject AND , here’s where I think the screwup is, the WAV files aren’t associated with the created instruments

Try it and let me know
Phil (another one).

I opened BBM and brought up New Drumset, double clicked on it to open the Drumset Maker window. All of the wav names I entered are there, but will not play. Again, I tried with the kick drum, midi 36. I clicked Browse, navigated to my sample in my phildflood>Documents>BB Workspace>User_lib>Wave_Sources>Hammond Kit>Drum Kit MIDI 34 through 38>Midi 36 Kick_1.wav, selected the sample. It’s name is in the proper place in the Drumset Maker window. I click the play button next to the sample. It plays. I double click on NEW DRUMSET in the left pane. I get the “There are unsaved modification…” message. I click on SAVE. The program runs through its process.The check box next to New Drumset is no longer checked. I check it. I go to DRUMSETS, SAVE DRUMSET. BBM runs a prcoess, New Drumset is no longer selected. I select it. I click on the play button next to he kick drum, midi 36. It does not play. I save the Project, making sure New Drumset is clicked. I close BBM, making sure that New Drumset is still clicked. I reopen BBM, select New Drumset, click on the play box next to the kick drum, and still no sound. I select a random other drum kit to try those sounds, and they play as they should, so the system appears to be set up fine. It is something going on with my kit making a connection to my waves. Also, what, if anything, gets the desired name into the Drumkit list?

Wow…it looks like you’re doing everything right.
Can you zip the kit and send it to me in a conversation?
Re the name… the kits name needs to be changed in the drumkits editor window. Then, after saving, you’ll see it changed in the drumkits list window,

FYI to Forum members - Phil found the problem to be with the WAV samples I was using. While they all said they were 44100/16bit samples, they were not being recognized as audible by BBM. They had all been processed in Logic Pro X as 44100/16bit, but Logic must do something else to them that is causing them to be unusable. The solution was to run the samples through NCH Switch, a great little audio converter utility. It allowed them to be processed back to plain old PCM 44100/16bit wavs and now they work.

Thanks for sharing the cause and solution, Phil Flood!

And thanks to Phil for finding the source of the problem!