BBM 1.60 MIDI editor

[]Stop scrolling to top every time you hit play button ( Extremely annoying )
]Loop function ( A must )
[]Shortcut Keyboard Controls ( Play, Stop, Continue, Move note etc etc )
]Swing options ( Make even notes swing % wise ) (If I want to add a swing feel to a current MIDI groove I have to import it to Cubase and use the swing function ( See attached MIDI files ))
[]Possibility to rename MIDI files within the editor
]When drag and drop in the editor the source file are changed when you edit the new file ( New files should NOT affect the source file ) VERY IMPORTANT
[*]Make Gradient cells optional

[CENTER] NOTE attached MIDI files are to be used with the Latin Set
Tumbao.mid is made with the BBE MIDI editor
Tumbao Swing.mid is edited with Cubase to have a swing feel