BBM - I still have hope.... a desperate request

Dear Folks-who-will-design-the-next-BBM,

Please, please, please… design a pan feature for each MIDI channel in Beat Buddy Manager. This would be a game changer for mixing live sound and mixing recording. Especially for isolating a kick drum, which has such a particular signature when mixing.

Ideally, to be able to pan a kick drum left and everything else right would be amazing.

A person could then route a kick drum to a separate input and treat that signal with all the specificity that a kick drum signal needs, (level and EQ).

Also, you could introduce a click-track to any song which would be SO HANDY for performers, (especially those who have in-ear monitors). Then, Beatbuddy could be used by a DRUMMER to supplement their drum beat with percussion or a percussionist could play over a drum beat. It would open up the product to whole new group of people.